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EU visa center restarts working after reconstruction

EU visa center restarts working after reconstruction

The European Union Visa Application Center (VAC), working under the auspices of the Embassy of Hungary in Chisinau, was officially re-commissioned here on Tuesday evening after reconstruction. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Hungarian National Assembly Chairwoman Katalin Szili, Moldovan Parliament Chairman Marian Lupu, foreign diplomatic corps representatives

Speaker Lupu said at the ceremony that the opening and operation of the enlarged VAC will make visa obtaining procedures simpler for Moldova citizens. He said the Moldovan side is utterly satisfied with the Center’s work and the quality of services it renders. He voiced confidence the list of countries providing their visas through the VAC will be getting longer.

Katalin Szili stressed as exemplary the collaboration of European Union Member States in the Center operation, and highlighted the fact that such Center has been opened in Moldova – a country striving for the European Union membership.

The reconstruction and repair of the VAC premises lasted 3 months. Now the facility has 5 windows for servicing applicants instead of 2 before.

The EU Visa Application Center began working under the auspices of the Hungarian Embassy to Moldova on April 12, 2007. Currently it issues entry visas to eight EU member countries – Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Sweden, Hungary and Iceland. Since its opening, the Center has already issued nearly 10 thousand visas, including 6 thousand in 2008.

Thank to the Visa Facilitation Agreement Moldova signed with the European Union last year, citizens of the Republic of Moldova enjoy certain privileges in receiving entry visas to EU countries. For instance, they pay €35 for a visa, not €60 as elsewhere. Also, the youth aged under 18, students, pensioners, journalists, people of business and a whole number of other categories get visas free of charge. Persons abiding strictly by the rules of stay in EU countries may count on receiving multiple visas, valid one year or longer, in an easier and priority regime.

Infotag news agency