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Assets of Moldovan banking system increasing

Assets of Moldovan banking system increasing

According to the NBM data, because of the new NBM monetary policy the banks’ cash resources decreased by 11.96% to 1.48 billion lei.

Despite the decreased liquidity of the majority of banks their aggregate credit portfolio increased by 15% for the beginning of the year and constituted 22.87 billion lei. The similar growth is registered in attracting financial resources from the population (+15.3%) The banks’ deposit portfolio reached 26.6 billion lei, where the main share fell on physical persons — 16.3 billion lei (+20.8%).

The discounts on credit losses were also increasing (+0.15%), but not in such notable tempo as in 2007 and constituted 4.36% in July and they decreased by 0.41% against the same period of 2007.

The banks continue actively purchasing state securities for their sale (+29.14%), whereas they are decreasing the share of investments in their portfolio (-2.41%).

The banks’ aggregate normative portfolio increased by 18.49% up to 6.19 billion lei and the share of foreign investments — by 1.24% up to 73.12%.

The banks’ capital sufficiency coefficient increased by 1.6% for eight months and constituted 30.67%, whereas the standard is not less than 12%.

The net percentage margin constituted 9.32% in July against 7.04% against the same period of 2007 and the profitability — 24.33% against 24.71%. It is interesting that the total number of the bank employees increased by 10.1%, from the beginning of the year and exceeded 10.8 thousand people.

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