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Situation in agrarian sector better than in 2007

Situation in agrarian sector better than in 2007

The situation in the agrarian sector is better than in 2007, Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry Anatol Gorodenco said at a Government sitting on Wednesday.

He remarked that more than 96 thousand hectares out of 776.3 thousand hectares, designed for summer crops, have already been sown. Agriculturists reached agreement with importers and producers on providing stable prices for seeds and on paying for them in autumn after the sale of the yield.

In the ministers’ words, the third round of distributing urgent assistance among farmers, who suffered most of all from the last year drought, is being conducted in Moldova. Eighty-six thousand small producers, which will receive 10 kg of maize seeds, were selected.

The spring field works will require 14.7 thousand tons of fuel. By the Government’s decree, 3.6 thousand tons of diesel were purchased and it will be distributed among agricultural producers as humanitarian assistance from the Cabinet of Ministers (5 liters per hectare of agricultural lands and in the Dubasari raion – 8 liters) - 89% of farmers have already received this fuel.

The republic procured 45 thousand tons of fertilizers and pesticides that constitutes 90% of the need. In March Moldova imported 7.6 thousand tons more and the agrarians needs have been virtually satisfied, Gorodenco said.

He said that 90% and 94% of the cutting of orchards and vineyards respectively has been completed. More than 1.7 thousand hectares of new gardens, 140 hectares of walnut and 169 hectares of vineyards were laid down. The works on laying down new plantations of perennial plants continue. The sowing of vegetables and tobacco is finishing.

Gorodenco also said that the state of winter crops on their whole territory, covering 503 thousand hectares, is mainly satisfactory. In autumn wheat was sown on an area of 374 thousand hectares, barley - 68 thousand hectares and rape - 59 thousand hectares. The soil humidity reserve is 10% higher than the average index and the reserve of mineral nitrogen, accumulated in the soil - 25-30% higher. Fertilizers were additionally applied on an area of 31 thousand hectares.

The minister remarked that agreements on the irrigation of 52 thousand hectares have been already concluded - 20 thousand hectares more than in 2007.