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Vladimir Voronin draws NATO's attention to transnistrean problem

Vladimir Voronin draws NATO's attention to transnistrean problem

The Transnistria problem is a threat to security and stability of not solely Moldova but a vast region in South East Europe, Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin stated at the NATO Bucharest Summit on Thursday.

The Moldovan leader said the Transnistria problem is interrelated with such topics so actual for international security as the Agreement on Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE), NATO enlargement, the anti-missile defense system in Europe, and the Kosovo question.

In his words, Moldova does all it can to attract the international community’s attention to the uncertain situation in the republic’s eastern region [Transnistria], which remains, for over 16 years now, a zone of instability undermining the regional security.

Vladimir Voronin said Chisinau wants to achieve a lasting solution to the Transnistria problem – a solution that will ensure demilitarization and non-deployment of foreign troops and armaments on the Moldovan soil in conformity with the internationally recognized neutrality status of Moldova, and will guarantee a fair status for the Transnistrian region within the sovereign, indivisible and territorially integral Republic of Moldova.

He drew the high forum’s attention to the fact that now, 17 years after Moldova’s independence declaration, the republic seeks the international community’s support “for the sake of avoiding a destructive polemic about our national identity and borders, in order to get a possibility to concentrate on realization of our European aspirations and to actively involve all sides for recognition of the constitutional neutrality of the Republic of Moldova and for promotion of the country reintegration on the basis of the international law”.

While in Bucharest, Vladimir Voronin held meetings with President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers and President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus, and discussed bilateral cooperation issues with them.